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Declining moral values among women!

When i was contemplating on writing about this I had to self introspect and interrogate myself - is this really going to bring a change in attitude?

May be if this article can reform atleast one single person out of the readers i feel i have succeeded. Please voice back your opinion/ feedback/ criticism on the topic and they shall be published.

A woman is considered the most powerful creation of God - you know why - God has given us the greatest responsibility of taking care of His human creations from genesis to birth and until they become an independent human being. The most proud moment in each women's life will be the time when she successfully gives birth to a child. The role of a mother a woman plays gives her the real identity and demands great respect and pride. We become a Divine entity to our children - as they say - "Thaayir sirandha kovilum illai" in tamil meaning "There is no better temple than your mother". "Thaayai vananguvom" - "Let's submit all our salutations to our mother".

Well! all in praise of that role called mother is really worthy for a woman who does not underplay it in anyway. A woman with good character only can beget children with that same goodness. So it is now like the riddle - "The chick came first or the egg?"

So let us take that a good mother is the starting point and how she is responsible to bring up her daughter also as a good mother for the future. (Now don't ask why not talking about bringing up good sons! My topic of discussion is first about women. )

What we see in today's girl teenagers(women) is their daring and unnecessary provocative way of dressing in a society like India where there are no strict laws preventing / punishing offensive men from commiting crimes against women. Why do such girls trigger the evilish thoughts in such men by vulgar dressing?

Many girls/women might grumble now thinking "We have got indepedence in 1947 and so our constitution grants us the freedom to be really free and why do you question us?".

Alas please be sensible to this issue. It is not to grab anyone's freedom - Freedom is rightly misused in our country. When you dress in a provocative way to ape the westeners or other foreign countries please think that you are responsible for creating an unsafe society in our country.

A tamil proverb says " Aadai illa manidhan arai manidhan "- meaning - A human being without dress is only half human!! So dressing up one demarcates us from animals. But please also know that dressing up in right way alone can make you look like a human being in enterity. Showing is not our business!! Beauty lies only within proper dressing. Showing skin makes you an animal and also the men as animals.

So there may be people thinking how does this help in preventing crime rates!! Unfortunately our society has become so much corrupted and moral values diluted that the amount of vulgarity showcased in films is taken as a trigger to do an offense against a woman. Not only this the younger generation - girls - have started believing that that is the right way to dress. So we witness many teenagers dressing up only to show!!

So responsible women please take this in right spirit and let us all condemn first vulgarity displayed by our film actresses in films/media. Good mothers please be responsible enough in instilling good moral values in your girl child first. Because it is a good mother who can create a nation with good citizens. Let us be proud for being a woman and let us not denigrate ourselves by dressing in a sexiest way - because we have more talent and brain than men, more tolerance and mental strength than men - let us remember we are the incarnate of Goddess Shakthi and hence conduct ourselves to be saluted and respected in the society.

"Mangaiyarai pirandhida ma thavam seidhida vendum " - "You should be blessed to be born as a Woman".


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